I’m back!! After a 3 1/2 year journey!

After a very long hiatus to give full attention to the building our family’s forever dream home, I am back to my writing, most importantly the writing of my travel blog.

But what a journey it has been. The home build was a year in the design process and another 2 1/2 years in the construction process. As much as the home build was a labor of love, it became a full time commitment in the final 18 months and I chose to put my writing on a temporary hold to give the build my full undivided attention.

In those 3 1/2 years I’m sure I logged enough road miles to earn AAA elite status – if there is such a thing! We chose to build on top of hill – but to accomplish our desire of building a one level home we had to excavate 25 feet deep from the highest point of the hill to the lowest point of the foundation. But after 6 plus months of digging, and exporting over 1200 truckloads of unusable material (325 of those were boulders alone), we had our flat lot. Now we can stay here until we are old and can race up and down the hallways with our walkers with no worries of stairs!

Luckily I somehow managed to fit in some very special trips during this busy time!

My last post was May of 2015. The following places are where I’ve been since then: Big Sky and Billings, Montana; Sedona (twice), Scottsdale and Wickenburg, Arizona; Napa Valley (twice), California; Vancouver, British Columbia; 4 different trips to Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York; Palm Springs, California; Sao Paulo, Angra dos Reis and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and a few other jaunts betwixt and between these amazing trips.

I will also reprise my monthly food blog. My need to fill my foodie desires never wavered during the home build project. Had to keep that strength up!

As much as I love to travel, there is no place like home and nothing like coming home. Especially when home allows me views that equal any I’ve ever experienced in my travels. Rugged red mountain ranges, hawks soaring through the open skies, lush green golf courses and orchards dotting the saguaro laden desert landscape, owls and coyotes making their presence known in the dark of night with their hoots and howls .

But…this is a travel blog, and there are many more amazing destinations on my bucket list to see and experience. So time to get back to my nomadic living and narrate!





Vancouver et al – rain or shine

This last weekend I traveled to the Vancouver area, location of the 2010 Winter Olympics, in hopes of seeing the majestic mountains to the north and the expansive open waters to the west and south. Other than a quick glimpse of both as the plane descended into the Vancouver airport, I was met with mountains of clouds and streams of rain.

Snowcapped mountains north of Vancouver bathed in the light of the setting sun.

Snowcapped mountains north of Vancouver bathed in the light of the setting sun.

This city of roughly 600,000 inhabitants chose one of nature’s most stunning backdrops to set down roots. If you can’t decide whether you want to live or vacation in the mountains or go to the sea – Vancouver provides both. You can ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon during certain times of the year. Generally the winter months often find Vancouver shrouded in clouds and rain. Or 8 inches of snow can be dropped one day and sunny and 70 the next day.

Vancouver is all about activity. Being on the move. Seeing the sights. Taking in the great eating experiences. When I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan between 2000-2010, a group of girlfriends and I would head west to Vancouver to escape the cold of the frozen tundra for an eating and shopping extravaganza. We stayed by the waterfront to be within walking distance to Robson Street, the place to shop and eat. Or put your ‘runners’ (Canadian for tennis shoes) and hoof it down to Stanley Park – a massive green space that is fronted almost entirely by water.


Running a cross country race on a warm sunny day through Stanley Park in Vancouver a day after 8" of snow dropped.

Running a cross-country race on a warm sunny day through Stanley Park in Vancouver a day after 8″ of snow fell.

Or take some form of public transportation down to Granville Island – an island within the city with something for everyone. A destination spot for locals and tourists. Check out the Public Market, showcasing the city’s best selection of fresh seafood, other local produce, and unique often locally made products – from hand painted silk scarves to hand carved wooden boats to float in the waters surrounding Vancouver. I love walking through the meandering streets taking in the smells, sights and sounds.

The gals hanging out at one of the many boutique shops on Granville Island.

The gals hanging out at one of the many boutique shops on Granville Island.

My two main sports while I was growing up were skiing and golfing. The Vancouver area would have been a great place for me to visit during those developmental years. Ninety minutes to the north of Vancouver, along the appropriately named Sea to Sky Highway is Whistler – where the alpine and nordic events took place in the 2010 Olympics. Touted as some of the best skiing worldwide, it has been ranked as the #1 overall resort in North America by the readers of Ski magazine.

With golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Robert Trent Jones, Jr., your golf game can be as equally challenged as your skiing acumen is by the slopes. The natural setting of glacial mountains as a backdrop while the course winds along the banks of the River of Golden Dreams, may make it hard to focus on your game, but can also quickly melt away the frustration of a bad hole – as how could you not marvel in the glory of such beauty and just be happy to be alive and where you are.

Golfing in Canada with glacial mountains providing a majestic backdrop.

Golfing in Canada with glacial mountains providing a majestic backdrop.

But back to Vancouver and the surrounding areas. This last weekend found me winding my way eastward through the inland waterways, through Surrey, and on into the well-developed suburb of Langley, to watch my son play university level basketball at the Langley Events Center. I crossed the heavily sedimented Fraser River, the longest river in BC; trekked through North America’s largest peat bog in the aromatic Delta Nature Reserve-a/k/a Burns Bog; and on into Langley which sits a half hour drive from the U.S. Canada Border.

This border crossing is the home of the Peace Arch, erected in 1921 – which sits directly across the border line in the median between the entry and exit lanes to both countries. Within in the arch are open iron gates on either side with the inscription, “May these gates never be closed” – and to date they have never been closed, signifying the peaceful unity that lives between the two countries.

The Peace Arch straddles the border line of U.S. in Canada in southern BC.

The Peace Arch straddles the border line of U.S. in Canada in southern BC.

If you have time, take the 90-minute ride ferry over to Victoria on Vancouver Island – it’s worth the effort. With a population to rival Vancouver, most of the Island’s 750,000 inhabitants live in the greater Victoria area, which sits at the southern tip of the island and is actually south of the Canada/US border line, and the only part of Canada below the 49th parallel. Stay at the Empress Hotel which sits on the most prime piece of waterfront in Victoria. Or if you really have a lot of time, head up west coast of the Island. About half way up, sits the Wikaninnish Inn. I’ve yet to visit, but it’s on my bucket list to experience one of the most amazing spa settings and to watch a Pacific Ocean storm rage along this rugged coastline.

Wikaninnish Inn, Vancouver Island, BC

Needless to say there are a multitude of things to do in the greater Vancouver area. There would be no wasted time with a minimum of a week spent in corner of British Columbia, one of the most eye-popping natural beauties in the world.

Happy Trails in the New Year of 2015!

After a relaxing and fun-filled holiday season, I am refreshed and re-energized for another year of blogging! Travel plans are already underway for Canada, Spain, South of France, Alaska, Montana and Cape Cod. And if I know my family, there will be more additions to that already great list of travel destinations.

According to an article in todays New York Times, What a Stronger Dollar Means for the Economy, the Euro is trading at the lowest it has in 9 years – which means a strong US dollar for travel to Europe. So there may be a need to add an extension to the list of European locals.

The start of a new year is a time to think forward, make resolutions, plan. But it is also a time to reflect on the year we recently gave closure. Revel in the highlights, learn from the lowlights, and be grateful and happy for all of the new memories made to savor in the years to come. My nephew and his girlfriend started an in person chat session at our New Year’s Even gathering asking everybody what their personal highlight of 2014 was and what their family highlight of 2014 was: my personal highlight was accomplishing the one year anniversary of my travel blog – and still going strong; my family highlight was flying my kids home to surprise their father for his 50th birthday.

For myself and my travel forays, 2014 was a year that saw me sticking closer to home. Which is something I intend to build on. All corners of the US and points in between behold scenery to rival any place outside of the US and I plan to make a concerted effort to add a few of these amazing locations to my 2015 travel bucket list.

I live within a 6 hour drive of some of the most incredible rock formations showcasing some of the most vibrant colors – swirling red and tan sands, stoic red rock, and azure blue watering holes. Inclusive of the Grand Canyon, The Wave, and the Sedona Red Rocks. So add Arizona, Utah and New Mexico to that growing travel list.

I will also take the opportunity to continue to expound on features I implemented in 2014 – i.e. monthly restaurant reviews and writings by guest bloggers. I plan to expand my ‘Favorite Author/Artist‘ section by adding links and writings of several favorite travel writers, and artists of all genres, I have begun to follow over recent years.

For now I am off to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I will share the beauty of one of the most remarkable large cities in the world – where the waters of the Pacific Ocean flow into the Salish Sea on the west end of the city and the mountains of Whistler provide a dramatic backdrop to the North.

Happy New Year and all the best to my readers for a great 2015!

Happy New Year! Cheers to a great year ahead in 2015!

Happy New Year! Cheers to a great travel year ahead in 2015!