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The definition of nomad is to be a ‘wanderer;’ or ‘member of an itinerant people – people who roam or travel.’ I am often found wandering from one room to the next trying to remember why I went into said room in the first place.

In a broader sense, however, the name fits my very unorthodox life as a wife and mother. The life I lead in those two roles on a day to day basis is fairly normal, but where my marriage and my kids lives have taken me over the last 27 years is anything but normal. During those 27 years, my immediate family and/or I have lived in two countries, six states, two provinces and over a dozen different homes (several simultaneously) – and still counting. I often find myself needing to stop and remember which city I am so I remember which streets I’m looking for to get to the drive-thru Starbucks. Or which house I’m in so I can remember which kitchen has the blender.

When you know the ticket agents at the airports by sight, or God forbid by name, you know you are traveling too much. When they ask me who I work for that I travel so much, and I tell them I’m a housewife, I get some real quizzical looks. I tell them I’m just doing my part to keep the airline industry afloat.

Then there is the travel beyond the home-fronts. I’ve lost count of how many states and provinces I have traveled to, but the country count stands at 16, having traveled to several of those countries multiple times. Between traveling with my husband for his work, traveling on family trips and tagging along with my gypsy daughter who has a severe case of travelitis (in the first 6 months of 2012 she traveled to 13 countries), I have seen and experienced some amazing cultures and settings.

My life in motion is far from over. It was time to take all these amazing experiences and set them to words. That motion may be traveling from my kitchen to the backyard to watch an incoming storm twist down tornado alley, or it might be boarding a plane for an 18 hour flight to Jordan. Travel is not about the distance you go, but about the experiences you have not only at your destination, but equally on the journey to that destination.