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Sipping the extra sweet, extra hot Bedouin tea in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sipping the extra sweet, extra hot Bedouin tea in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Mother, wife, friend, daughter, caretaker are just some of the monikers Ihave and cherish. The moniker I seek is that of writer. I have written my whole life, but have never made that title a priority or a professional choice.

That time is now. With the unconditional love and support of my two adult children, my husband, my family and friends – I am putting me first. My name is Lisa Malecha and the creation of this blog is the beginning of my public writing life.

I have been enamored with the written word since the first day I could read some 46 years ago, at age 3. As Dr. Seuss said, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” And did – every time I opened a book.

Now, I hope I can transport the reader to the amazing places I’ve been, and experience my adventures through my written words. I have traveled to exotic locals like Ljubljana, Slovenia; resided in multiple states and countries; rode a runaway horse; shot an under-par round of golf; ran a landscape design and installation business; held my daughter in a straight-jacket in the ER while she was stitched up with two layers of 9 stitches; earned a college degree in Journalism Studies at the age of 46; and learned to make happiness my every day goal.

Travel is about the experience, not the destination. Life’s most amazing journeys may happen right in your own backyard as equally as riding a camel through the same Arabian desert that Lawrence trekked across so many years ago.

I welcome your comments, questions and story ideas – but at the very least I hope you enjoy your journey through my stories.

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