Traveling to find the hidden stories

With so many people traveling to the same highlighted travel destinations, my challenge is to find a way to make my blog and my travel stories stand out from all other travel travails. There are three ways I implement when I am setting up my next trip.

1. Realize some of the best travel stories are in your own backyard. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find the most amazing interesting places to visits. Every place is thousands of miles from some place else.

2. When traveling to an area new to you, hire a guide or book a tour with a live guide (versus a headset guide.) Guides have the inside scoop and the most entertaining anecdotes to the places you are seeing. Consider it a bonus to get a guide that is actually from the area of interest, versus a guide that works for a global travel company and is sent all over. The ‘hometown’ guides have stories to share that no guide-book could offer, especially in countries where family histories can go back for centuries.

3. Steer away from to the same highlighted destinations everyone else treks to. There are a multitude of unknown gems with access as easy as all the star travel attractions.

In my Global Gallery I have added pictures that denote the use of all three forms of finding that unique travel story. In the coming weeks I will attach a travel story to each picture. Look for these on the Monday of each week. Enjoy!

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