More published poems

A link to two published poems at YARN (Young Adult Review Network):


Clutching the corner of a forlorn meatball,

The rat waltzes through the slit of a door

Into the shelter of a tin roof and

Cracked windows painted with dirt,

It leaves a bloodlike stain, the epitome of

A gunshot wound, but it’s food.

Her eyes barely hesitate at the rodent’s

Intrusion, not the first, not

The last.  She understands the hunt

For a way to survive.  L-I-L-Y

Spelled out in block black letters,

The corner of the nametag is

Peeling away,

She pins it on anyway.

Snakeskin stilettos pierce the

Marble floor of Maria’s home – all

7,000 square feet.  Floors never

Touched by the clack of a rat’s nails.

She glances at the clock, unapproving

As the maid flies in, two minutes, thirty seconds

Late.  She does not say a word to the

Lady, cannot for the life of her remember

The name.  Milly? perhaps

Trusting what’s-her-name to find the

Kids, Maria glides out through the slit

Of the door.  She is late herself, but

Only fashionably so.  The restaurant will

Wait, everyone waits for her, on

Her.  Smiling, a cold smile, a million dollar

Ice queen smile at her economic equals


Around the room.  Caviar adorns their

Plates, diamonds adorn their rings.

She picks at her meal, her appetite gone

Long ago.  After all she did not marry

The man across the table for his looks,

But the obesity

Of his wallet.  Holding the plate away from

The bleach white of his uniform, a busboy

Scrapes the ice queens meal into the garbage

Out back.  And later, a rat, with a circle

Of red dying his chest,

Crawls into heaven – another mans reek.

Circle was published in the Eastern Kentucky University Literary Journal

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