And so it goes – life of a writer…

I sit at my computer. I am blank. I go take a shower, and a stream of conscious thought flows unabashedly. By the time I exit the shower and sit back at my desk I can’t remember a thing I was thinking….

And then there are days I look at something as simple as a match stick and my mind races to the who, what, why, where, when and how of anything and everything. Who created the idea of sticking gun powder on the end of a stick? What exactly is in that match stick tip? Why is it black with a red tip? Where was it first created? When was it first created? How did the creator know how much gun powder to use?

My writing life is a function of my existence – I am a writer, not a talker.  I process things, so I need that 5-second delay to create something interesting and witty – that works with writing, not so much for talking. I get so caught up in watching and listening, I forget to take part in the conversation.

When email technology was created, my world opened up, and I became a proficient letter writer, which has transcended into other aspects of writing, journaling, book manuscripts, and course work to earn a BA degree in the field of writing.

My ultimate goal is to combine my love of writing with specific passions such as travel, sports (especially golf) and childhood stories to see what I can create.

Stay tuned!

One thought on “And so it goes – life of a writer…

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